Tuesday, 12 October 2004: 3:30 PM-6:00 PM

Arbor I (Burnham Yates Conference Center)

Sub-wavelength Nanostructuring I

Chair:David A. Willis
3:30 PM Laser-Assisted Directed Nanostructure Synthesis and Nanoparticle Processing (invited talk)
Costas Grigoropoulos
4:05 PM Near-Field Optical Enhancement of a Laser Irradiated Tip (student talk)
Ravi Shankar Cherukuri, Yongfeng Lu, Jing Shi
4:20 PM Laser-assisted local coating of DLC films on W-tips from benzene solution
Jing Shi, Yongfeng Lu, Ravi Shankar Cherukuri, Kiran K Mendu, David W. Doerr, Dennis R. Alexander
4:45 PM Infrared room temperature lasing of nanoparticles coated on a dielectric microsphere
S. I. Shopova, A.T. Rosenberger
5:10 PM Laser Nanoimprinting of Hemispherical Cavity Arrays on Silicon and Metal Substrates and Self-assembled Dual-size Nanoparticles
Lipan Li, Yongfeng Lu, David W. Doerr, Dennis R. Alexander
5:35 PM Ultra-Fast Thermal Stress with Lasers for Reliability Test on 0.13 um Low k IC Chips
Zhihong Mai, Seng-Keat Lim, SINGAPORE, Jeffrey Lam, USA, Yongfeng Lu
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