Tuesday, 12 October 2004: 3:30 PM-6:00 PM

Lancaster VI (Burnham Yates Conference Center)

Wineman Symposium

Chairs:Millard F. Beatty
David J. Steigmann
3:30 PM Irreducible function bases for simple fluids and liquid crystal films
David J. Steigmann
3:55 PM Asymptotic analysis of finite deformation in a nonlinear transversely isotropic incompressible hyperelastic half-space subjected to a tensile point load
Ethan T. Coon, Debra Polignone Warne, Paul G. Warne
4:20 PM The trousers test for fracture of rubber-like materials
Cornelius O. Horgan, Joseph G. Schwartz
4:45 PM On the flow of a mixture of a particulate solid and a viscous fluid in an orthogonal rheometer
Mehrdad Massoudi
5:10 PM Stability and Bifurcation Theories in Nonlinear Elasticity
Yi-chao Chen
Sponsor:SES Abstracts

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