Tuesday, 12 October 2004 - 3:55 PM

This presentation is part of : Wineman Symposium

Asymptotic analysis of finite deformation in a nonlinear transversely isotropic incompressible hyperelastic half-space subjected to a tensile point load

Ethan T. Coon1, Debra Polignone Warne2, and Paul G. Warne2. (1) Columbia University, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, New York, NY 10027, (2) James Madison University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Harrisonburg, VA 22807

The Boussinesq problem, that is, determining the deformation in a hyperelastic half-space due to a point force normal to the boundary, is an important problem of engineering, geomechanics, and other fields to which elasticity theory is often applied. While linear solutions produce useful Green's functions, they also predict infinite displacements and other physically inconsistent results nearby and at the point of application of the load where the most critical and interesting material behavior occurs. To illuminate the deformation due to such a load in the region of interest, asymptotic analysis of the nonlinear Boussinesq problem has been considered in the context of isotropic hyperelasticity. Studies considering transversely isotropic materials have also been broadly used in the linear theory, but have not been treated within the nonlinear framework. In this paper we extend the nonlinearly elastic isotropic analysis to transverse isotropy, producing a more general theory which also better encompasses applications involving layered media. The governing equations for nonlinearly elastic, transversely isotropic solids are derived, conservation laws of elastostatics are invoked, asymptotic forms of the deformation solutions are hypothesized, and the differential equations governing deformation near the point load are determined. The analysis also develops sequences of simple tests to determine if a transversely isotropic material can possibly sustain a finite deflection under the point load. The results are applied to a variety of transversely isotropic materials, and the effects of the anisotropy considered is demonstrated by comparison of the resulting deformation with similar asymptotic solutions in the isotropic theory.

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