Wednesday, 13 October 2004: 9:15 AM-11:20 AM

Hawthorne (Burnham Yates Conference Center)

Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Polymers

Organizers:Mehrdad Negahban
Jean-Marc Saiter
Chairs:Jean-Marc Saiter
K Ravi-Chandar
9:15 AM Fragility index of glass forming liquid polymers and the value of the relaxation time at Tg
Jean-Marc Saiter
9:40 AM Thermodynamics of Ion-carrying Polymers: Nano-scale Modeling and Macro-scale Experiments
Sia Nemat-Nasser
10:05 AM Compressive performance of Fiber-Based Concrete
Gonzalo Martínez-Barrera Sr.
10:30 AM Novel Biobased Drag Reducers, Flocculants, and Viscosifiers
Ram Prakash Singh
10:55 AM Resistance of Polylactide Fiber to Hydrolysis
Yiqi Yang
Sponsor:SES Abstracts

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