Tuesday, 12 October 2004: 1:00 PM-3:05 PM

Lancaster VI (Burnham Yates Conference Center)

Wineman Symposium

Chairs:John Shaw
Ellen M. Arruda, PhD
1:00 PM Vibration of a Stress-Softened Non-Gaussian Rubber Cord
Millard F. Beatty
1:25 PM Broadband viscoelastic spectroscopy of alloys and composites over eleven decades of time and frequency
T Jaglinski, R. S. Lakes, P Frascone, graduate student
1:50 PM Optimal Measurements of the Thermal Diffusivity of Elastomers
Neil T. Wright, Xin Huang
2:15 PM Chemorheological Degradation of Natural Rubber at Elevated Temperatures: Experiments and Simulation
John Shaw, Alan Jones, Alan Wineman
2:40 PM Some Relevant Issues Regarding Defect Mechanics in Metal Plasticity
David L. McDowell, John D. Clayton, Douglas J. Bammann
Sponsor:SES Abstracts

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