Monday, 11 October 2004: 1:00 PM-3:05 PM

Lancaster III (Burnham Yates Conference Center)

Horgan Symposium

Chair:Thomas J. Pence
1:00 PM Remarks on the Mechanical Behavior of Simple Directionally-Reinforced Incompressible Nonlinearly Elastic Solids
Jose Merodio, Ray W. Ogden
1:25 PM Uniformity of Stresses Inside an Elliptic Inclusion in Finite Plane Elastostatics
Peter Schiavone, ChongQing Ru, Leszek J. Sudak, Andrew Mioduchowski
1:50 PM Homogenization and Global Responses of Inhomogeneous Spherical Nonlinear Elastic Shells
Yi-chao Chen, K. Raj Rajagopal, Lewis Wheeler
2:15 PM Constitutive equations for fabric-reinforced solids
Anthony J M Spencer
2:40 PM Electrostriction of Polymer Dielectrics With Compliant Electrodes
J. L. Wegner, J.B. Haddow, L. Jiang
Sponsor:SES Abstracts

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