Tuesday, 12 October 2004: 3:30 PM-6:00 PM

Lancaster IV (Burnham Yates Conference Center)

Rajagopal Symposium

Organizers:Alan Wineman
Mehrdad Massoudi
Chairs:Yi-chao Chen
I Joga Rao
3:30 PM Configurational Thermomechanics of Diffusive Systems
Gerard A. Maugin
3:55 PM Electrodynamics and Thermomechanics of Material Bodies
Roger L. Fosdick
4:20 PM Thermodynamic Hypoelasticity Applied to Fluidization of Mutually Attracting and Repelling Particles
Barry Bernstein
4:45 PM Some Issues Related to the N--S Equations
L Tao, G Q Chen
5:10 PM Diffusion of chemically reactive species in a porous medium over a stretching sheet
Kuppalapalle Vajravelu
5:35 PM Flow of a Fluid Through an Elastic Porous Media-a Non-Darcian Approach
Dicky Rezady Munaf
Sponsor:SES Abstracts

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