Tuesday, 12 October 2004 - 3:30 PM

This presentation is part of : Damage and Composites II

Advances in Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures

Thomas S. Gates, NASA Langley Research Center, NASA Langley Research Center, MS 188E, Hampton, VA 23681

This paper will present details on recent advances in the research area of mechanics of composite materials and structures at the Mechanics and Durability Branch, NASA Langley Research Center. This paper will address specific technology areas as well as provide description of technology development tools and methods and application specific design techniques. The Mechanics and Durability Branch (MDB) has the charter to conduct analyses and experiments to determine the response of complex composite structures and materials subjected to static and time-dependent loading conditions, investigate material and structural behavior, develop advanced methods of analysis and design, and validate analyses by performing tests of subcomponents and large-scale structures. This work spans both aeronautics and space applications and includes the development of structurally efficient, durable, and reliable structural concepts such as primary load bearing structure, multifunctional materials and structures, and deployable space structures. The MDB also has the charter to conceive new test techniques and measurement technologies for static and time-dependent combined-loading conditions.

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