Tuesday, 12 October 2004 - 3:30 PM

This presentation is part of : Thermalelasticity and Thermal Shock

Four parameter elastic solid models with applications in characterization of glassy polymers

Mehrrdad Negahban, University of Nebraska, University of Nebraska, Dr., W311 NH, Lincoln, NE 68588-0526

A set of four parameter elastic solid models are considered that seem to have specific application in the characterization of equilibrium elastic response of glassy amorphous polymers. All four parameters in these models have specific physical interpretations. The first and second parameters are, respectively, the initial shear and bulk modulus at small strains. The third and fourth parameters are associated with the asymptotic response for large deformations in simple shear. One represents the asymptotic shear modulus and the other the intercept of this response with the stress axis. In theory, all four material parameters can be easily obtained from one experiment.

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