Tuesday, 12 October 2004 - 9:40 AM

This presentation is part of : Wineman Symposium

Flow induced crystallization in fiber spinning

Krishna Kannan and K.R. Rajagopal. Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843

We continue the development of a model to describe fiber spinning of crystallizing polymers using the framework developed by Rao and Rajagopal, ZAMP, 53, 365-406, 2002. A model is obtained by specifying functional forms for Helmholtz potential and varoius entropy productions pertaining to crystallization. The initiation of crystallization condition is obtained from thermodynamic considerations. The fiber spinning problem is solved using the radial the resolution approximation by including the effects such as gravity, inertia, air drag on the fiber, heat transfer, flow induced anisotropy and flow induced crystallization. The model can capture the neck formation, which is observed in high-speed spinning. The model predictions are compared with experiments.

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