Tuesday, 12 October 2004 - 10:05 AM

This presentation is part of : Wear and Tribology

Enhancement of tribological performance in biomedical grade titanium alloy using nitride nanocrystalline and nanocomposite thin films

Samir Aouadi, Matt Sodergren, B.Sc., Edwin Hippo, Ph.D., and Peter Filip, Ph.D. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 62901

This paper intends to prove that coating orthopedic implants with nanocrystalline and nanocomposite solid solutions will greatly improve the tribological performance of implants. Total hip arthroplasty currently has a limited life because of late aseptic loosening. The loosening is caused by the hip implants experiencing electrochemical corrosion, which results in the formation of chemically active degradation products. Other problems such as pin slippage immediately following implantation result in failure of properly grown bone around the implant. Thin films of metal nitrides deposited on the implant surface should reduce corrosion and wear. They should also increase static coefficient of friction of the mating surfaces. Methods of production and mechanical properties of the thin films have been optimized and reported. The current work is aimed at examining wear under simulated body conditions and determining tribological and biocompatibility performances of the films.

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