Wednesday, 13 October 2004 - 10:30 AM

This presentation is part of : Wineman Symposium

Studying Mechanics of Materials through Biomaterials Experiments

Jennifer Kadlowec, Rowan University, Rowan University, 201 Mullica Hill Rd, Glassboro, NJ 08028

The human body is an exquisite combination of interacting systems, which can be used as a multidisciplinary focal point to analyze using engineering principles. A suite of hands-on modules have been developed for introducing freshman engineering students to chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering principles through application to the human body. Two modules will be described in which the students explore the nonlinear mechanical behavior of two materials elastomer shoe soles and composite bone. The objectives of the modules are (1) to measure force and deformation for a material sample in compression or bending, (2) to apply mechanics of materials analysis to determine stress and strain, (3) to determine the modulus of elasticity of engineering materials, (4) to compare the structure versus function of the materials, (5) to gain an understanding of nonlinear and viscoelastic behaviors. A description of each module is provided and includes the associated measurements, calculations, engineering principles and survey data. While these modules were developed for a freshman course, they are appropriate and may be adapted for sophomore and upper level strength of materials courses as well is course in biomechanics or biomaterials.

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