Monday, 11 October 2004 - 4:05 PM

This presentation is part of : Femtosecond Laser Micro/nano-machining I

Micromachining of aluminum alloy using 9 femtosecond laser pulses (student talk)

Nageswara Rao Tadepalli, Dennis R. Alexander, David W. Doerr, Research Enginee, Chaitanya Thatipamula, and Haifeng Zhang. Center for Electro-Optics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 248 WSEC, Box 880511, Lincoln, NE 68588

Until recently micromachining of a metal have been performed using amplified laser systems. In this research paper, machining of Al alloy has been performed by using tightly focused laser pulses of 9 fs pulse duration with pulse energy of only 4.8 nJ from an unamplified laser system. Research was performed on bulk aluminum alloy (2024) using a Ti-sapphire laser with a typical pulse duration of 9 fs, repetition rate of 75 MHz and pulse energy of 4.8 nJ. Machining has been demonstrated by drilling and machining patterns on the aluminum alloy under different time durations. Research results will be presented on the morphology of the material composition before and after machining, oxidation levels underneath the machined area using scanning electron microscope, stylus profilometer and energy dispersive spectroscopy are reported.

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