Tuesday, 12 October 2004 - 3:30 PM

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Surface acoustic wave (SAW) propagation in anisotropic-coated solids

Xiangfa Wu and Yuris A. Dzenis. Department of Engineering Mechanics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, W317 Nebraska Hall, 900N 17th Street, Lincoln, NE 68588-0526

Dispersion relations of surface acoustic wave (SAW) propagation in elastically anisotropic half-space coated with an anisotropic laminate were determined explicitly by means of Stroh’s formalism within the subsonic range, where is no energy leakage into the substrate. During the procedure, the governing dynamic equations in each anisotropic layer as well as the half-space substrate, and the interface continuity were exactly satisfied by Stroh’s functions. Explicit algebraic equations were derived for determining the dispersion relations of the SAW propagation in the surface laminate. As an example, wave number and phase velocity diagram for an anisotropic half-space covered with a graphite-fiber/epoxy laminate with a [45O/-45O/0O]s lay-up was demonstrated. The given method can be used for studying SAW properties in multilayered anisotropic coating systems and non-destructive evaluation (NDE) based on surface/guided wave methods etc.

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