Tuesday, 12 October 2004 - 9:40 AM

This presentation is part of : Active Materials

Green's Functions for Transversely Isotropic Piezoelectric Functionally Graded Multilayered Half Spaces

Ernian Pan and Feng Han. Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Akron, Akron, OH 44325

By virtue of two systems of vector functions and the propagator matrix method, Green's functions for transversely isotropic, piezoelectric functionally graded (exponentially graded in the vertical direction), and multilayered half spaces are derived. It is observed that the homogeneous solution and propagator matrices for each functionally graded layer in the transformed domain are independent of the choice of the two systems of vector functions. For a point force and point charge density applied at any location of the functionally graded half space, the Green's functions are expressed in terms of one-dimensional infinite integrals. To carry out the numerical integral involving Bessel functions, an adaptive Gauss quadrature approach is introduced and modified. The piezoelectric functionally graded Green's functions include those in the corresponding elastic functionally graded media as special results with the latter being also unavailable in the literature. Two piezoelectric functionally graded half-space models are analyzed numerically: One is a functionally graded PZT-4 half space, and the other a coated functionally graded PZT-4 layer over a homogeneous BaTiO3 half space. The effects of different exponential factors on the Green's function components are clearly demonstrated, which could be useful in the design and manufacturing of piezoelectric functionally graded structures.

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